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Text Mining User-generated Reviews Posted on Glassdoor

Link to project

  • Created a web scraper using R packages like rvest and purrr to collect text data from Glassdoor reviews.
  • Saved into CSV and loaded the data into PowerBI for data cleaning.
  • Visualised the data using charts and word cloud to aid and elevate data analysis.

Predicting Customer Propensity Using Classification Algorithm

Link to project

  • Created a research proposal paper for conducting text analysis using Facebook comments from a shared video documentary regarding New Zealand’s aerial 1080 policy.
  • Received the Clare Atkins Research award.

Text Analysis on Social Media in Aid of Legislation or Policy Processes

  • Created a research proposal paper for conducting text analysis using Facebook comments from a shared video documentary regarding New Zealand’s aerial 1080 policy.
  • Received the Clare Atkins Research award.

Twitter Data Analysis

Shinny Apps Project Link.

  • Used twitter API to collect tweets from entered keyword.
  • Pre-processed and cleaned data for analysis.
  • Used ggplot2, twitteR and shiny packages in R.
  • Visualised the frequency of words using bar chart and word cloud.
  • Integrate R project into web application.

FinanceDB Data Warehouse

Finance Data Warehouse uploaded on github.

  • Created a finance data warehouse complete with dimensions and facts
  • Built the DDL Schema
  • Designed and implemented ETL pipeline using SQL
  • Populate date dimension using lubridate package in R
  • Visualized data on PowerBI (see sample visualisation here)

Auckland Branch of Wool New Zealand

Website project here.

  • Designed and developed a website for my Web Technology paper.
  • Wrote reports on information architecture and the implementation plan for the website.
  • Created a wool quality calculator that estimates the value based on the given characteristics of the wool.


About Me

An active learner who always seeks for new challenges in life. I started to develop this love in data science during  undergraduate degree final paper. It opened my eyes to what data can and can’t do at the present, and what it’s potential in the future dealing with real world problem. Let’s see what trend sets my life data will lead me into with the career path I have chosen.


Software Engineer (Analytics)
Orion Health

Nov 2019 - Feb 2020

Enhanced test data generator’s functionality to aid the team’s efficiency in CI/CD for the analytics product Discover. Understood agile Scrum methodology. Actively participated in team’s stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives and demo. Explored and investigated Healthcare system domain and health information exchange – HL7 international standard. Deployed solutions to AWS using internal automated configuration tools. Collaborated with the team in conceptualising, designing and the creation of solutions that bring values to the company. Participated in Tableau training workshop.

Rates Data Co-ordinator
Auckland Council

Aug 2019 - Nov 2019

Supporting the Rates department of Auckland Council- main duties includes: processing and analysing more than 9000 Rates rebate applications. Making executive decisions like approving or rejecting rebates application based on the rates rebate scheme guidelines. Analysing documentsprovided by the ratepayers as well as investigating their past applications and information. Issuing out postponement enquiries to ratepayers and performs other ad hoc duties as required for rates, valuations and general administration.

Web Search Data Annotator

2013 - 2017

Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human-annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. A growing company that works with some of the world’s leading global technology companies, including innovators in search, speech, social media, eCommerce and more.

Freelance Programmer

2009 - 2013

Have several website projects. Created a PHP based backend of a website. Also create wordpress website for clients and performed several SEO projects. Became the data entry specialist for for a couple of years.


Graduate Diploma in IT


Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, New Zealand

  • Clare Atkins Research Award

NC II in Computer System Servicing


Jose Maria College, Philippines

BS in Computer Science


University of the Philippines in Mindanao, Philippines


SQL 90%
R 70%
Html & CSS 85%
PHP 70%
Data Analysis 80%
R&D 90%
Auckland Wool New Zealand
Hendriks Leather
Novatec IT Solutions
Arnel's Filipino Restaurant
Xero Reviews Dashboard (PowerBI)

Anne O’Hanlon

Product Director – Analytics
Orion Health
Auckland, New Zealand

Malvin Leong

Product Owner – Analytics
Orion Health
Auckland, New Zealand

Krystle Lim

Manager Rates Department
Auckland Council
Auckland, New Zealand

Nick Burns

Founder & Data Scientist
Lingo Search & AI
Nelson, New Zealand

Todd Cochrane

Senior Lecturer: Digital Technology
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
Nelson, New Zealand

Kristian Sylvest Jørgensen

Swieqi, Malta

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